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Industrial Materials Business Unit

Supply of woven and nonwoven fabric material, and cutting, slitting and bonding services.
Variety of mechanical parts made of fabric

Associated Parts in Office Automation Equipments

Cleaning Web
Pressure Roll
Base Metal Tube for Heat Roll (Aluminum, Stainless Steel Belt)
Heat Insulating Material
Volatile Organic Compounds Filter and Ozone Filter
Toner Recycling
Electrostatic Discharge Brush
Metal Core for Rolls
Metal Core Print, Printing Equipment

Specific Functional Fabrics

Functional Powder Supporting Nonwovens
Fabrics of High Tension and High Heat Resistance
Various types of EDS Fabrics
Nonwovens for Fine Grinding
Electromagnetic Shield Material
Dehumidifier Material
Adhesive Nonwovens
Antibacterial and Deodorizing Fabrics

Variety of Nonwovens

for Cleaning Use
for Dust Control and Buffing Pad Uses
for Liquid Filtration
for FRP
Various types of Spunbond Nonwovens
Various types of Felt


Base Metal Tube in variety (Stainless Steel, SUM Steel, Aluminum, etc.)
Woven Mesh Fabrics (PET, Nylon, Polyethylene)
Spunbond Nonwovens, Velvets (for Ornament, Cover, Packaging)
PET Sheet
Solenoid and Hinges
Various types Sponge

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